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(1)  Water- and excreta-related communicable diseases

(2)  Settled sewerage (or 'small-bore' or 'solids-free' sewerage)

(3)  Simplified sewerage (or 'condominial' sewerage)

(4)  On-site sanitation

(5)  Case study: Water and sanitation in eThekwini, South Africa

(6)  New Paradigm for Periurban Water Supplies and Sanitation

(7)  Ecological Sanitation
− see also: Arborloos

(8)  Sanitation technology selection − see also: Sanitation Planning

The Unserved Billions (links to reports on global water supply and sanitation; also  advocacy and finance)

International Year of Sanitation 2008
− see also: IYS2008 Essential Reading

Community-led Total Sanitation

Community-managed Sanitation Blocks

Hygiene and Hygiene Education


Energy and Health

Links to useful websites

Painting the Picture (a "broad brush" introduction to water supply and sanitation in developing countries)

Ten key documents on water supply & sanitation (essential reading for busy people!)

IRC's Thematic overview papers

History   "Look to the past for guidance into the future"


(1)  An introduction to LIFE

(2)  BOD removal kinetics

(3)  Waste stabilization ponds

(4)  Effluent quality requirements

(5)  WSP in the UK & Europe 

(6)  Rock filters 

(7)  Wastewater storage & treatment reservoirs

(8)  Wastewater use in agriculture (crop irrigation)

Wastewater use in aquaculture (fish culture)

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Microsoft Producer log
Note 1: the Microsoft Producer presentation links on these pages open a new page with the presentation selected.  You can then play the presentation, but this is in "streaming" mode and, depending on your Internet connection, it may suffer from interruptions and need to rebuffer. As an alternative you can download a zipped file of each presentation here and play them from your own PC.
Note 2: these Microsoft Producer presentations were developed as study aides for MEng & MSc(Eng) students in the School of Civil Engineering at the University of Leeds, UK. They are essentially amateur, rather than professionally polished, productions.
Note 3: information on how to make your own Microsoft Producer presentations is given here.
See also:
Using Microsoft Producer to develop and deploy dynamic streaming content in engineering-related courses (Southern Polytechnic State University, GA, undated) see pdf page 7!

"If you think education is expensive, try ignorance"

Professor Derek Bok, Harvard University

On the usefulness of apparently useless knowledge:
Let’s waste our time! (The Lancet, 2003)

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