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Low Cost Sewerage Links

This web page contains links to pages or article on lowcost sewerage systems.

Santiation Connection is the main page
or try their Low cost sewerage page
An Introduction to Chemically Enhanced Primary Treatment (CEPT) Introduction to CEPT
An innovative approach to urban wastewater treatment in the developing world (CEPT), Don Harleman and Susan Murcott. CEPT in the developing world
Simplified sewerage: potential applicability in industrialized countries. D.D. Mara a, A.S.P. Guimarães Simplified sewerage in industrialized countries
A new approach to sanitation in Palestine Low cost sewerage in Palestine
Using local organizations to design santiation systems in Pakistan Settled Sewerage in Pakistan
Slum Networking - A Holistic Approach for Improvement of Urban Infrastructure and Environment Slum Networking

Orangi Low-Cost Housing Programme, Karachi

Of liquid dreams: a political ecology of water privatization in Buenos Aires
Alexander J Loftus and David A McDonald

Of liquid dreams (PDF, 0.7 Mb)

Note on the Bolivian Condominial Sewerage Standard
Duncan Mara, Miguel Peña

In english
En español

An article from "World Water"
This article first appeared in World Water magazine Jan/Feb 1986
A World Water article on Simplified Sewerage.
(PDF, 5.6Mb)
A poster on simplified sewerage:
(this will print best at A3 size)
colour poster
(PDF, 8Mb)
black and white poster
(PDF, 3Mb)
An article on simplified sewerage An article on Settled Sewerage.
Several articles on Condominial Sewerage in Brazil
by the CAESB - Water and Sewerage Company of Brasília
(All articles are in PDF format < 0.3 Mb)
  • Condominial Sewerage Systems for the Federal District of Brazil
  • Condominial Systems - Brazilian Panorama And Conceptual Elements
  • Methodology For The Application Of Condominial Sewer Systems In The Federal District Of Brazil
  •  CASE STUDY - Conception and Installation of the Condominial Sewerage System in the town of Santa Maria
  • Case Study: Honduras The Construction of low-cost sewerage systems in Tegucigalpa.
    A feasible solution for the urban poor?
    (PDF, 4.4 Mb)
    Low Cost sewerage
    An article by Duncan Mare taken from:
    Sanitation Promotion, WSSCC Working Group on Promotion of Sanitation.
    WHO, Geneva, 1998. WHO/EOS/98.5
    Edited by MAyling Simpson Hebert and Sara Wood
    Low Cost Sewerage by Duncan Mara
    (PDF, 0.7 Mb)
    Some Recent Publication on Low-Cost Sewerage A list of recent publications (in English) not available on the Internet. Recent publications
    Low Cost Urban Sanitation
    By Duncan Mara
    Low Cost Sanitation
    Low-cost Sewerage
    By Duncan Mara
    Low Cost Sewerage
    Sustainable Sewerage: Guidelines for Community Schemes
    by R.A.Reed
    Sustainable Sewerage
    Australia’s most successful alternative to sewerage Australia
    (PDF, 0.3 Mb)
    Cities, sewers and poverty: India’s politics of sanitation by Susan E. Chaplin


    STEPS System Clear the Air
    Small Flows Quartly Article Winter 2001

    STEP System in Illinois Village
    Flat Grade Sewrer, Ericson, Nebraska


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