Low-Cost Sewerage

Duncan Mara, Univ. of Leeds, UK

 ISBN: 0-471-96691-6
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Pages: 238
Published: Aug 1996
Copyright: 1996
Imprint: John Wiley & Sons Ltd

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Low-Cost Sewerage Edited by Duncan Mara Department of Civil Engineering University of Leeds, U.K. Low-cost sewerage provides practical solutions to the sanitation needs of low-income areas. As a result of the currently very rapid urban population growth, the demand for sewerage exceeds the resources of most high density urban areas in developing countries. Low-cost alternatives to conventional sewerage, such as settled sewerage and simplified sewerage, therefore need to be developed. This book is the result of contributions by both academics and practitioners who attended the International Conference on Low-cost Sewerage which was held at the University of Leeds, England, in July 1995. Low-cost sewerage technologies are described and their applications in both developed and developing countries are detailed. 

Table of contents

Global Needs and Developments in Urban Sanitation. 
Unconventional Sewerage Systems: Their Role in Low-Cost Urban Sanitation. 
Selecting Communities for Sewerage. 
Low-Cost Sewerage Systems in South Asia. 
Operation of Sewer Systems in Ghana. 
A Low-Cost Sewerage System for a Small Rural Community on a Greek Island. 
Settled Sewerage in Africa. 
Hydraulic Design of Unconventional Sewerage. 
Small Diameter Gravity Sewers: Experience in the United States. 
The Colombian ASAS System. 
Guidelines for the Design of Simplified Sewers. 
Simplified Sewerage: Simplified Design. 
Water Conservation: The Impact of Design, Development and Site Appraisal of a Low-Volume Flush Toilet. 
Third World Surface Water Drainage: The Effect of Solids on Performance. 
Conference Conclusions.