Notes For the Level 1 Lecture Course in Fluid Mechanics

Dr Andrew Sleigh

January, 2009

Contents of the module
  1. Objectives:
    • The course will introduce fluid mechanics and establish its relevance in civil engineering.
    • Develop the fundamental principles underlying the subject.
    • Demonstrate how these are used for the design of simple hydraulic components.
  2. Consists of:
    • Lectures:
      20 Classes presenting the concepts, theory and application.
      Worked examples will also be given to demonstrate how the theory is applied. You will be asked to do some calculations - so bring a calculator.
    • Homework:

      Example sheets : These will be given for each section of the course. Doing these will greatly improve your exam mark. They are course work but do not have credits toward the module.
      Example classes:
      There will be example classes each week. You may bring any problems/questions you have about the course and example sheets to these classes.

      Lecture notes : Theses should be studied but explain only the basic outline of the necessary concepts and ideas.
      This web site: Contains more detailed notes and example - use it!

      Books : It is very important do some extra reading in this subject. To do the examples you will definitely need a text book. Any one of those identified below is adequate and will also be useful for the fluids courses in higher years.

      Any of the book listed below are more than adequate for this module.

      (You will probably not need any more fluid mechanics books on the rest of the Civil Engineering course)

      Follow the links to the amazon page for more info on prices.

      1. Mechanics of Fluids , Massey B S., Van Nostrand Reinhold.
      2. Fluid Mechanics , Douglas J F, Gasiorek J M, and Swaffield J A, Longman.
      3. Civil Engineering Hydraulics , Featherstone R E and Nalluri C, Blackwell Science.
      4. Hydraulics in Civil and Environmental Engineering , Chadwick A, and Morfett J., E & FN Spon - Chapman & Hall