Downloadable Materials For This Module

Course Notes:

  1. Unit 1: Fluid Mechanics Basics (or for less paper 4 to a page)
  2. Unit 2: Fluid Statics (or for less paper 4 to a page)
  3. Unit 3: Fluid Dynamics (or for less paper 4 to a page)
  4. Unit 4: Effect of the boundary on fluid flow (or for less paper 4 to a page)

Case Studies:

  1. All Case Study Material including handouts, lecture slides (with completed calculations) is avaiable here.

MCQ Sheet:

  1. An example MCQ Sheet.
    The real one will have 15 question and you will have 30 minutes to complete it.
  2. The answers to the above MCQ Sheet.

Example Questions:

  1. An example sheet of questions from all section in the module.
    Several of these have been marked as Difficult try these last!
  2. Worked answers to above example sheet.

Problem sheets:

  1. Session 2006/07 problem sheet


  1. Jets Lab Sheet
  2. Weir Lab Sheet

Formula Sheet:

  1. This formula sheet is provided in the exam.

Exam papers: (all with solutions)

  1. 2006/07
  2. 2005/06
  3. 2004/05