Interactive Material

There is still some work to be done on this page in the meantime see these samples:

Force and Pressure Diagram

This demonstrates the force and pressure on a wall of a tank.
The triangle represents the pressure as you move down the wall. The pressure value is the triangle width normal to the wall.

  • How the pressure at the base does not increase as you change the angle.
  • But that the resultant force magnitude increases (the arrow gets longer) due to the increase in the length of the wall.
    The force is equal to the area of the triangular pressure diagram, and always acts at a right angle to the wall.
  • The location of the resultant force is alway 2/3 of the depth for a tank wall.
    (This is not the case for submerged gates etc.)

Bernoulli and Venturi Meter

Details of the Case Studies described in the lectures.
Location map of Todmorden Gauging Stations

Other links to similar simulations:
Venturi Meter 2


Normal Depth Calculator for Rectangular Channel

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This is a Normal Depth calculator for a rectangular channel.
Use the sliders to set

  • Mannings n
  • Dischage (Q, m³/s)
  • Slope (i)
  • Width (b, m)

Fluid filling 3D Simulation
Magic Fluid 3D Simulation