Simplified Sewerage

This page contains information on the how to obtain the PC-Based Simplified Sewerage design program.

Now Avaiable in Spanish & Portuguese & French (as well as English!)

This site has got a bit old and neglected ... and operating systems have moved on. Despite this, the original program and its updates still function on the newest of Windows (inc. Windows 7 and Vista).

The installation programs are problematic and you may get complaints from Windows that they are not compatible.

To overcome this I am now distributing the program as a zip file with the sewerage_*.exe (in all langiages) together withe the example networds and the pdf documentation.

The current distribution is avaiable here:

Simply download this and unpack it into a folder. Each .exe is specific to a language: Note that only the menus, buttons, text of the program are in the specified language, the documentatin and book is only avaiable in English ... sorry.

NEW Mac version

I have packed up the windows version using WINE, a tool that allows it to run on a Mac.
Please give it a go and let me know how it works.
Download the zip and unpack it. Double Click on the resulting contents to run the program. - English version - Spanish version

You will also need the example Network files and the Manual
Manual PDF and Networks

Unpacking these may result in you being asked a security question about running an app from an unknown developer. Accept it if you trust the app from me. This should only appear the first time you try the app.