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Light-hearted Books on Sanitation

Humour is also a way of saying something serious T. S. Eliot 

Book cover
Merde: Excursions in Scientific, Cultural, and Socio-Historical
Coprology, by Ralph A. Lewin (Professor Emeritus of Marine Biology, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego) (Random House, 1999).   

Read an excerpt here.

See also: More on Merde (Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, 2001)

Toilets of the World, by Morna Gregory & Sian James (Merrell, 2006)

Taking the Piss: A Potted History of Pee, by Adam Hart-Davis & Emily Troscianko (Chalford Press, 2006)

Outhouses, by Roger Welsh (Motorbooks International, 2003)

Ceramic Water Closets, by Munroe Blair (Shire Publications, 2000)

Up Shit Creek: A Collection of Horrifying True Wilderness Toilet Misadventures, by Joe Lindsay (Ten Speed Press, 1997)

How to Shit in the Woods: An Environmentally Sound Approach to a Lost Art, by Kathleen Meyer (Ten Speed Press, revised ed., 1994)

Thunder, Flush and Thomas Crapper: An Encycloopedia, by Adam Hart-Davis (Michael O’Mara Books, 1997) [out of print: the link is to Amazon]

          Temples of Convenience & Chambers of Delight, by Lucinda Lambton (History Press, 2007) [the
          link is to]

Audio slideshow: Tales from the toilet (BBC Radio 4, 2009) “Public conveniences of old may have been porcelain palaces - but by the mid 20th century, that glamour had given way to municipal functionality.”

Loo with a view

Loo with a View (Virgin Books, 2008) − see also: Loo with a view: The world's toilets with the best vistas (Daily Mail, 2008)

Three classics:

Dinkum Dunnies (book cover)

Dinkum Dunnies
by Douglass Baglin & Barbara Mullins
(Eclipse Books, 1971; Ure Smith 1975−85)
ISBN: 0-7254-0377-2

What’s a dunny? Answer here.

Out of print − do a search on
for a second-hand copy.

The Specialist, by Charles Sale

The Specialist
by Charles Sale
(Putnam & Co., 1930)

The Master Builder by Charles Sale
(Putnam & Co., 1932)

Out of print − do a search on or
for a second-hand copy.
Not a book, but a restaurant in Taipei: The Modern Toilet Eatery

… and faecal doors! See also: Lisson Gallery and Sulabh International.