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Water Resources & Water Supplies

What is the greatest priority in the area of water and climate change?
Interview with Avinash Tyagi (Director of the Climate and Water Department of the World Meteorological Organization and Coordinator of the UN-Water Task Force on Climate Change)

Global Water Security – An Engineering Perspective (Royal Academy of Engineering, 2010)

International Water Association's Specialist Group on Climate Change and Adaptation

Water and Climate Bibliography (Pacific Institute for Studies in Development, Environment, and Security, online resource)

Climate Change and Urban Water Utilities: Challenges & Opportunities (World Bank, 2010)

Vision 2030: The resilience of water supply and sanitation in the face of climate change (WHO & DFID, 2009)

Water shortage map Water footprint map (from The Atlas of Water: Mapping the World's Most Critical Resource, 2nd ed., Earthscan, 2009)
Map of water scarcity as influenced by
Climate Change and Population Growth (Scientific American, 2008) − see also map at bottom of this page.
Mapping future water stress − how water availability may change as temperatures, population and industrialisation increase (BBC News, 2009)

Book: Climate Change and Water: International Perspectives on Mitigation and Adaptation (IWA Publishing, 2009)

Book: Managing the Water Buffer for Development and Climate Change Adaptation: Groundwater Recharge, Retention, Reuse and Rainwater Storage, 2nd ed. (Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Germany, 2009)

Book: Global Change: Enough Water for all? (University of Hamburg, 2008)

Climate change threatens water, food security of 1.6 billion South Asians (ADB, 2009)

Did you know that the GDP of many African countries is strongly correlated with rainfall patterns? (World Bank webpage, 2009)

Making the Most of Scarcity: Accountability for Better Water Management in the Middle East and North Africa (World Bank, 2007)

Managing Africa’s Water in a Changing Climate (Arid Lands Information Network, 2009)

WaterAid & Climate Change (2008)

Global water security (New Civil Engineer, 2009)

Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)  CDM Bazaar (how to buy or sell carbon credits search for 'wastewater' or 'biogas' etc. in the search box).

Water in a Changing World (The Third United Nations World Water Development Report – WWDR-3) (UNESCO, 2009) – Side papersFacing the Challenges (Case Studies)

Global Water Outlook to 2025: Averting an Impending Crisis (IFPRI & IWMI, 2002)

Water & Climate Change: Strategies for Water and Wastewater Providers (World Bank, 2009) − presentations at a workshop held in Madrid in January 2009.

Adapting to climate change in the water sector (ODI, 2009)

Climate Change and Water Resources (WaterAid, 2007)

Climate Change and Water (IPCC, 2008) 

Climate change and WASH services delivery: Is improved WASH governance the key to effective mitigation and adaptation? (IRC, 2009)

Making the Most of Scarcity: Accountability for Better Water Management Results in the Middle East and North Africa (World Bank, 2008)

The Biggest Dry: Australia’s Epic Drought is Global Warning of Water Scarcity (Circle of Blue, 2009) − video here.

Water and Climate (Theme Report, World Water Week, Stockholm, 2008)

Water: At the Tipping Point? (Stockholm Water Front, 2009)

Separate streams? Adapting water resources management to climate change (Tearfund, 2008)

Adapting to climate change: water management for urban resilience (E & U, 2007)

Climate, Water, Development: Asia Adapts through New Approaches and Investments (ADB, 2008)

Risk Management and Climate Change (World Water Council webpage)

Co-operative Programme on Water and Climate (CPWC homepage)

Climate change publications (IRC web search results page)

Climate Change and Water Resources (WaterAid, 2007)

Water scarcity, risk and vulnerability (Chapter 4 of the Human Development Report 2006 “Beyond scarcity: Power, Poverty and the Global Water Crisis”, UNDP, 2006)  

Coping With Water Scarcity (brochure for World Water Day 2007)

Confronting a World Freshwater Crisis (Scientific American webpage)

Final Report on the Expert meeting on water manager needs for climate information in water resources planning (WMO, 2007)

Humans, Water and Climate Change − why worry about climate and water? (NRP, 2000)

Peak Water – Entering an era of sharpening water shortages (Stockholm Waterfront, 2008)

Water scarcity in the European Union (European Environment Agency webpage)
Water Resources across Europe − Confronting Water Scarcity and Drought (EEA, 2009)

Water scarcity and social stability: towards a deeper understanding of key concepts needed to manage water scarcity in developing countries (SOAS, 1999)

Cooperative Programme on Water and Climate (website)

Climate Change and Water Resources in Southern Africa: Studies on Scenarios, Impacts, Vulnerabilities and Adaptation (Water Research Commission, South Africa, 2005)

Integrated Solutions to the Water, Agriculture and Climate Crises (Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, 2009)

Water − another global 'crisis'? (BBC News, 2009) 
Mapping future water stress (BBC News, 2009) − how water availability may change as temperatures, population and industrialisation increase.
Global crisis ‘to strike by 2030’ (BBC News, 2009)  Growing world population will cause a “perfect storm” of food, energy and water shortages by 2030.

The Integrated Global Water Cycle Observations Theme: A Global Water Cycle Theme for the IGOS Partnership (GWCT Team, 2004) [IGOS = Integrated Global Observing Strategy − "for the monitoring of our environment from Space and from Earth"]

Global Water Tool (World Business Council for Sustainable Development, 2007−9)  “an easy-to-use tool for companies and organizations to map their water use and assess risks relative to their global operations and supply chains.”

Adapting to climate change: implications for freshwater biodiversity and management (Freshwater Reviews, 2009)

Water Scarcity Looms (Worldwatch Institute, 2008)

Single drops of water make the mighty economy (CSE India, 2009) − see also Rain shocked (CSE, 2007)

Europe: Guidance on Water and Adaptation to Climate Change (UNECE, 2009)

U.S. faces era of water scarcity (Circle of Blue, 2008)

Hot spots
[climate change in Africa] (Heinrich Böll Foundation, 2007)
The heat is on, better be prepared (Co-operative Programme on Water and Climate, 2003)

Listen: IWMI's Chartres Sees Need to Review Global Irrigation Policies (Business, 2008)

Co-operative Programme on Water and Climate − many downloadable publications!
Climate change and the WASH sector (IRC)

WASH and Climate Change (selection of bookmarks)

Water and Climate Change Coalition

Life without Water (Harvard University Press, 2006)
Climate Change and Water:
International Perspectives on Mitigation and Adaptation (IWAP, 2009) Climate Change Adaptation in the Water Sector (Earthscan, 2009)

Map of global water scarcity