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Champions of the Modern Age
A personal selection of people
who have had a major influence on my work

Gerrit Marais

Professor Gerrit Marais (1927−2005)

Emeritus Professor, University of Cape Town

Major contributions to wastewater engineering:
Sewered aqua-privies in Zambia (i.e., settled sewerage)
Rational design of waste stabilization ponds (application of first-order kinetics to facultative pond design and faecal coliform removal)
Activated sludge, biological nutrient removal

David Bradley

Professor David Bradley
Emeritus Professor, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, University of London

Major contributions to international public health and inter- national public health engineering:
Concept of water-washed disease transmission
Environmental classification of water-related communicable diseases (Drawers of Water 1972)

John Kalbermatten

John Kalbermatten (1931−2009)
Formerly Senior Water and Wastes Adviser, The World Bank

Major contribution to environmental engineering:
Low-cost sanitation: application and design philosophy
    Appropriate Sanitation Alternatives 1  2
See pp. 21-23 of this pdf file (published here)

In Memory of John Kalbermatten (Roland Schertenleib, 2009)

Sir Richard Feachem

Professor Sir Richard Feachem, KBE
Global Health Group, University of California, San Francisco

Wikipedia entry
Major contributions to environmental engineering and international public health:
Environmental classification of excreta-related communicable diseases (Sanitation and Disease 1983)
Rural water supplies: design philosophy and health impact
Health impact of low-cost sanitation systems (1 2)
Listen: Fighting the Great Pandemics (Australian National University, 2007)
See: Scaling the heights of global health leadership (The Lancet, 6 November 2010)
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Peter Morgan

Dr Peter Morgan, MBE
Aquamor (Private) Ltd, Harare, Zimbabwe


Major contributions to low-cost sanitation: 
Development of the VIP latrine, the Arborloo and the Fossa Alterna

Jose Carlos Melo

José Carlos Melo
Condominium Empreendimentos Ambientais Ltda,

Recife, Brazil

Major contribution to environmental engineering:
Development and application of condominial
water supplies and sewerage
in low-income urban areas

Docendo dedici:

Tom Curtis

Professor Tom Curtis

University of Newcastle

Major contributions to environmental engineering and wastewater treatment:
Mechanisms of faecal bacterial removal in waste stabilization ponds (1)
Application of molecular and evolutionary microbiology
to wastewater treatment
(2  3)

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